About Us

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Our Philosophy!

The Jewish Preschool of Lexington (JPL) is proud to be an extension of the Beit Chaim Meir Chabad Center of Lexington. Under the guidance of Rabbi Alter Bukiet, Executive Director, the Center provides a place of worship and holiday celebrations, a center for learning and educational opportunities, and facilities for celebrating Jewish family events. Chabad Center is always open to welcome families regardless of their Jewish religious affiliation or practice.

The staff at JPL is highly qualified and educated in the field of early childhood education in general, and Jewish early childhood education in particular. The teachers are devoted to creating an environment that is safe, warm, caring, and conducive to learning in the early years. Children learn through play, exploration, nature and social connections, Our unique blend of educators provides the children with both Judaic and secular experiences, and infuses the school with excitement, pride, and love for our Jewish heritage. Our staff is sensitive, open and accepting of families regardless of Jewish religious practices. What do these words mean on a practical level?

Children at The Jewish Preschool of Lexington:


Develop life skills, social skills, and friendships.


Engage in activities that are based on carefully developed age-appropriate curriculum.


Participate in enrichment programs of music and movement.


Explore science and math as they relate to the curriculum and everyday experiences.


Expand their language skills and early literacy.


Celebrate Jewish events in a multi-sensory fashion.


Develop gross motor skills in spacious facilities, and are developing fine motor skills using a variety of age appropriate materials.

The Jewish Preschool of Lexington provides the children and their families with ample opportunities to explore and participate in Jewish life:


We support each family during life-cycle events and holiday celebrations that mark the Jewish calendar.


We learn and use Hebrew as a living language. Through prayers, songs, and stories, Hebrew is incorporated into our daily routine.


We reinforce our connection with the larger Jewish community, as well as Early Childhood programs in our sister-city, Haifa, Israel.


We provide resources for our families who desire to further their knowledge of Jewish observances.

Our Graduates

Our graduates emerge as children who are self-reliant and confident, motivated to learn, curious to explore, eager to share, and well ready to embark on the challenges of elementary education.

All in all, our graduating students are happy, well-adjusted children who bring pride and joy to everyone.


What is the schedule and hours?
We are a year round school with the option to choose between an Academic year from September through June and a Full year from September through mid-August..
Our hours are from 9 – 3 with early drop off and extended day options from 8 – 9 and 3 – 6 available. On Friday we close at 3.
From what age can children attend?
We accept children between the ages of 16 months and 5 years.
Are you licensed?
We are licensed by the Massachusetts Office for Early Education and Care (EEC). Our teachers are fully trained in Infant/Child CPR and First Aid and are all Covid vaccinated.
What protocols do you have in place for COVID?
We follow EEC, Massachusetts and CDC guidelines for Covid protocol in terms of cleanliness, hygiene, masking, and physical distancing and adjust as policies are updated.
Are there any security systems in place?
The Chabad Center and the school are fully protected with a video system to monitor our setting 24/7. The Jewish Emergency Management System (JEMS) updates all local Jewish institutions about potential threats and offers regular staff training regarding safety and security.
What educational philosophy do you follow?
We are play based and glean the best from many educational philosophies. Our foundation is Ahava or love, B’tzelem Elohim or that all people are created in the image of G-d, and Kavod, respect for one another and ourselves.

Our bright classrooms and beautiful outdoor space with a playground and an inviting natural space are perfect for exploring, observing, and appreciating the world around us.

Meet Our Staff

Sharon Cores

Sharon Cores is celebrating her 20th year at the Jewish Preschool of Lexington, having previously obtained a Master’s Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling and working in a variety of residential and clinical settings for over 20 years. Prior to receiving her Early Childhood Certification through the Early Childhood Institute at Hebrew College, Sharon developed and facilitated toddler playgroups, Tot Shabbat, and Early Childhood religious school programs at her synagogue for 25 years. In addition to being the Education Director here at JPL, Sharon is the Lead Teacher in the Pre-K class and especially loves introducing young children to the natural wonders and artistic representations of the world around them. She has traveled to Israel as our shagrirah (representative) to the Boston-Haifa Early Childhood Connection.

Martha Deitsch

Martha Deitsch has been a teacher at the Jewish Preschool of Lexington for more than 15 years. Her degree in Theatre/Dance and Art is invaluable for teaching, inspiring and furthering the children’s love of learning. Her years as a volunteer and former Co-President of Maimonides PTA has given Martha the experience to create fun and engaging programming for the children and parents alike. She continues to work side-by-side with the teachers at JPL to support the curriculum and daily activities. Martha especially enjoys creating the Torah Story Felt Board Collection and is our consultant on all things creative.

Alex Cores

Alex started his career at JPL as a summer counselor when he was just 15 years old. He continued as a summer staff member when home from college, followed by an afternoon counselor position. Eight years ago, he joined us a full-time staff member. Alex is our “scientist in residence.” His love for exploring our immediate environment, and his extensive knowledge of bugs, creepy-crawlers, and insects, are a magnet to children and adults. Alex has a background in instrumental music and choral performance, for which he holds an Associate Degree, as well as a teaching certificate from Hebrew College. Alex was involved in a choral group for children with various learning challenges. Alex brings with him his love and excitement for exploring our natural environment.

Shaina Olidort

Shaina was the first to join JPL, back when she was a preschool student herself. She worked in JPL as a volunteer and in summer camp, before taking a brief break in Israel where she earned her degree from Hebrew University, specializing in Educational Counseling. She worked in a number of preschools in Jerusalem implementing emotional and behavioral intervention groups for struggling children. Shaina joins us as the Toddler room teacher in addition to assuming administrative responsibilities. She brings with her the training and experience she gained in Israel including tools to engage all children and help each one grow.